“The Long Beach”  Custom Upholstered Sofa





    “The Sacramento” Custom Upholstered Sofa



    Mercana Designer Wall Art 



    The Marin Upholstered Sectional… $895




    The Arcadia – By California Customs from $725.00



    Illume show samples now in stock

  • Pre de Provence Shea Soap 150 gm $3.99



     Bialetti Italian Coffee Perculator



    Pre de Provence Candles Now on Sale


 Bargain Updates 


Creative Coop holiday showroom samples 

are now in each store.  

Save 40% -80% off brand new holiday decor.     


Add a bit of sparkle to your home this season. 

 From table linens to candles, wall decor and candles


Ask for a sneak peak in our warehouse…

We are flooded with wall art and home decor. 




“Leather Italia”  Italian Top Grain Leather Furniture Now Available at Both Locations


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